What is Factory Direct?

We have seen a lot of copycat companies popping up in recent years. All of their products seem to look the same. Why? They’re all from the same manufacturer! And with ridiculous mark ups. This is unfair to both you (the buyer) and the manufacturer.

At Tick Tock Clocks we have gone straight to the manufacturer and are bringing you the very same products without the mark up, at basement price. Our clocks are mostly sourced from manufacturers in China, and we are working on further partnerships with manufacturers all over the world.

When you purchase a product from our website, you are purchasing it directly from the factory. They send the product directly to you and we never touch it here, saving you a lot in packaging, shipping and all sorts of costs that get included in the mark up.

Why Use Factory Direct?

There is one main reason why this type of shop exists.

It’s a lot cheaper. If we had to store hundreds of products in a big warehouse, purchase packaging, pay shipping and then pay employees’ wages, we would need to mark our products up between 50% and 100%. A drastic increase on what you are paying now. For example, what you should be, and are paying for a $39.95 clock, could very well be $79.95.

Are There Any Negatives of Factory Direct?

Unfortunately nothing is perfect, and Factory Direct shipping has a few ‘cons’ of its own.

We don’t see the products before you do. In an ideal situation we could ensure everything was 101% perfect before you do so we never ship anything that is less than awesome. Sometimes, however, the factory may let things through that aren’t up to standard. We have created an extremely customer-friendly return policy to account for this. We know getting the wrong item, wrong size or something damaged after 2 weeks, having to return it, wait for the new one and maybe not have your final product for a month is super frustrating and we work with our suppliers to ensure this happens as infrequently as possible but yes, it does and will again happen.

Shipping times can be less than ideal. If you want your new clock and you want it now, we are the wrong website for you. Shipping times from the factories depend on which area of the world they’re coming from and which area you live in. It can take anywhere from 4 days to 6 weeks to be delivered (you can find shipping details on each product page). To ensure we keep the cheapest prices for you, there’s very little we can do about this. We do however use ePacket shipping for most of the world, and USPS for some products in the U.S.A. We will always use the fastest most cost effective shipping solution. We are also very clear with our customers that shipping may take longer than you’re used to for an online purchase even though we have selected one of the quickest international shipping options.

Hopefully by understanding everything about Factory Direct shipping you can understand why we have chosen to dropship items from the manufacturer to your door. We believe the pros outweigh the cons and would rather offer you great prices and a stellar return policy than higher prices and somewhat quicker shipping.