Ultimate Guide to Daylight Savings: When to Turn the Clocks Back USA

Whether you’re a USA resident or recent visitor, you may be wondering when to turn the clocks back, and how daylight savings actually works. We can answer all your questions about daylight savings and how to handle the phenomenon when the time comes.


What is Daylight Saving Time?

For those who haven’t experienced daylight saving time before, we’ll explain how it all works. The clocks are moved forward an hour by daylight saving time to maximise the summer months. More hours of light are enjoyed before dark because each day “ends” an hour later.

For example, when daylight saving time started on Sunday 8th March 2020 at 02:00, the clocks were turned forward one hour to 8th March 03:00! From that day onward, more light is available throughout the day and darkness is put off by an extra hour.


When to Turn the Clocks Back in the USA

In 2020, the clocks turned forward on 8 March. Now, we have to turn the clocks back on 1 November in the lead-up to the winter months. The clocks being turned back has the opposite effect to March; the mornings will be brighter for longer when the clocks are turned back.


What Time do the Clocks Go Back?

If you’re wondering exactly when to turn the clocks back (USA), you’ve come to the right place.

This year, we turn the clocks back at 02:00 on Sunday 1st November 2020. This means that at 02:00 on Sunday 1 November 2020, the clocks will be turned back to 01:00 instead.


Do We Lose Sleep When the Clocks Go Back?

Technically, no. When we turn the clocks back in November, 02:00 will become 01:00 and we’ll get an “extra hour” of sleep.


More Information Daylight Saving Time

You can learn more about when to turn the clocks back, USA states and their relation to daylight saving time, and more at the Time and Date website. This is a great resource for understanding how daylight saving time works and how to keep up with the clock.

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