Kids Bedroom Ideas & Designs

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Through utilizing your child’s interests, and an eye for interior design, you can design and decorate your child’s bedroom making it somewhere they can play and express themselves freely.

Here are some kids bedroom ideas to get you started on creating the perfect space for your child

If your child is into sports, consider decorating their bedroom with sport memorabilia or even player posters. You can also use sporty colors like navy blue, green, or red in their bedding or walls. If they’re more into theater and the arts, you might consider a stage backdrop in their room or hanging artwork they create themselves. You can use colors like purple, pink, or light blue to bring out these creative vibes. If your child is into nature, you can decorate their room interiors with natural elements like wood furniture, green and brown bedding, and earth-toned walls. You can also add in some fun elements like a tree house bed or a Nature-themed mural. Whatever your child’s interests are, there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into their bedroom style.

Get your child involved in the style process by having them help you pick out paint colors, furniture, and accessories for their room. This will help them feel more invested in the space and make it their own. Kids bedroom ideas are easy to come by, but it’s important to involve your child in the style process to ensure that the space truly reflects their personality and interests. With a little bit of creativity and planning, you can create a room that your child will love for years to come.

What are some of your child’s favorite things? Use these as a starting point for coming up with kids bedroom ideas. If they love animals, consider incorporating animal-themed artwork, bedding, and toys into the room. For a child who loves sports, try hanging jerseys or posters of their favorite teams on the walls.


How do you make a kids room fun?

There are many ways to make a kids room fun. Depending on the age, the most common thing to make a kids room fun is by adding toys and other interactive elements. Fun wall arts or wallpapers can also work well. For a more sophisticated approach, try adding fun and stylish furniture pieces or installing fun lighting fixtures. Whatever you do, make sure that the overall décor of the room is still cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

Fun kid room ideas

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are an excellent choice for kids’ bedrooms, especially if they’re sharing with siblings. They provide sanity during sleepovers and allow you to get rid of any makeshift bedding in the living room when your child grows up into his or her own person! Once he/she outgrows using it as a desk space (or just likes having more private surroundings), simply replace that bottom bunk with another bookshelf-style filing cabinet so there’s always plenty storage without taking up valuable floor area.

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Play Zone

Kids love to use things, so put pens and paper where they’re easy for them. And make an art form of storage by putting up hooks that are at just enough height as well-suited towards children’s dress-up costumes – this will encourage creativity not only in storing clothing but also through imaginative play when designing new outfits from what you find here.

Cosy Reading Nook

Nurture the creative side of little ones with this cute reading nook. There are so many ways to make their space more inviting, like adding a large cushion or mattress and throws next to shelves for extra warmth (and comfort). You can also inject some happiness by using color in unexpected places such as on bedding items- it will brighten up any white room instantly! Textiles also provide great aesthetic updates when children grow older – just replace old toys with newer ones that interest them more

Sleeping Area

Make your sleeping area more fun by adding imaginative touches such as a hopscotch or painting spot on the floor with tape.

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Colorful Carpet

A colorful or textured carpet can add an additional fun element to your kids room. If you have a bunk room, then you can consider adding colorful carpet to the bunk room as well.

A fun design clock

There are many sellers of fun design clocks on the market – such as clocks in the shape of favourite kids cartoon characters, or characters from games that they play. Clocks can also make valuable education tools.

Wallpaper a single wall or the entire room

Plain white rooms can be boring! Consider adding some fun wallpaper to your white walls in order to invigorate your kids imagination and playful side. Let your kid dream!

How do I make my kids room special?

When it comes time for your son or daughter’s bedroom, make sure you’re going with colors that will calm them. Soft yellow—the soothing hues are perfect because they won’t stimulate too much into attention from wild fire engine reds and other bold choices! A better option might include creating a base of grays plus pastel shades like lavender-cereal green if those sound more appealing than traditional pink or blue options do on first glance.

What are some bedroom themes for kids?

The struggle of designing a shared kids’ room can feel like an impossible mission, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ll find that there are ways for most any theme or color preference in order bring together whatever decorations your children choose- as long they’re willing on accepting some compromise!

Choose a common color for your kids’ bedroom that they’ll be happy with, whether it’s white or gray. You can create an interesting décor by mixing in other colors such as tan and blue to make them feel more comfortable at night when lying awake in bed wondering what their day was like while you’re sleeping during some of those long summer days!

How do I decorate my kids room on a budget?

A child’s room should be a happy space. It can’t always stay big if they are constantly running around and playing games all day, but you also don’t want it to feel cramped either! These budget friendly hacks will help make the most out of your limited floor area without breaking bank (or head).

1. Make your own storage solutions

Think of the perfect storage solution for your home! Storage solutions don’t need to cost a fortune. If you’re looking for something unique and creative, try this DIY idea: use any old canvas bags that are in need or replacement–cover them with fabric paint & screen print letters (or whatever décor is desired)

2. Update old furniture with a little paint

Lose the old desk? No need to trade it in for a new one if your child’s tastes are constantly changing. You can achieve ombre-style effects by swiping white paint into original colors with sample pots and adding some splashes of color on top! Updating old furniture with new paint can be a cost effective way of adding furniture to your kids bedrooms.

3. Use everyday objects to make something special

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on decorations–look around your house for things you can repurpose! Old mason jars can be used as vases or pencil holders, and clothespins make great picture hangers. With a little creativity, anything can be turned into something special.

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Kids Rooms Ideas

Consider how you will decorate the sleeping space for your kids room. Will you have a bunk bed, floor bed, or maybe twin beds? The sleeping space can also be a handy place to add some extra storage underneath the bed. This storage can often have drawers or be one single pullout storage space. Some bunk beds can be turned into a homework station where a desk is positioned into a cutout space underneath the top bed of the bunk.

Shelves and vertical space

Shelves are a great storage solution for kids rooms. Consider adding a vertical bookshelf with shelves and even some drawers. This can be great to add to either a boy’s room or a girl’s room. You could paint the bookshelf your kids favorite colors. The bookshelf does not have to take up the entire room but can be quite skinny in width and still provide ample storage.

Study Area

Consider including a study area with a desk. Study areas are very common for kids rooms who need to easily transition into becoming a teenager and taking study more seriously. This may be extra useful as your child enters their teenage years and their tastes change. You can visit retail stores such as Ikea which have mock bedroom setups to draw inspiration from. Inspiration can sometimes be valuable to decide on the types of features of the kids bedroom you will include before making up your mind and buying furniture.


For boys and girls, a playroom is usually the space where most time is spent as a child! A playroom should have ample lighting, and should be designed to one’s personality. Look to your child’s interests for inspiration on the interiors. The playroom is a space where your daughter or son will play with their friends when they are visiting. Keep your friends kids entertained while you catch up with them!

Designing a kids bedroom is not as simple as it may first appear. With so many different factors to consider, from the type of furniture to the colors and patterns on the walls, it can be tricky to know where to start. However, by taking inspiration from some of the most popular kids bedroom ideas and designs, you can create a space that your child will love spending time in.