Starting Steps on How to Arrange Furniture in Your Living Room

Whether you have a big living room space in your home or not, it’s always best to maximize the area. There are many ways on how you can go about this. If you want, you may only put up small furniture or don’t fill the space up much so it will be less cluttered. But if you love chunky sofas and you wouldn’t want your living room to feel bare with less furniture in it, arranging it is the best way to go. With that, here are some tips on how you can do it:

Choose a focus point

One way of arranging your living room is to direct all attention in one place. Even if you have a lot of things going on, it will give off a sense of arrangement since the viewer’s attention is directed to one area. 

The focal point is usually where the television or fireplace is at but you can change this depending on where you would want. If you have a huge window that has a really great view of the outside, this is also a good focus point. This is also the place where you’re going to direct where all of your furniture will be placed. 

Place some spaces between your walls and furniture

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to push all of your furniture against the wall. Even if you have a really small space, you can still maximize it by choosing the right size of the furniture. Allow some small spaces in between for it to look more “breathable.”  The spaces give off an illusion that your place looks a lot bigger than it usually is.

Have a set conversation place

The focal point (say TV or fireplace area) is usually where the conversation place is at. It is also important for you to identify which area this is so you’d know how you can arrange your chairs, sofas, and coffee table around each other. 

At best, you should at least have two or more sitting areas, all placed across each other. Choose the right coffee table size. Most people have oversized tables as an accent but only do this if there’s still enough space.

Plan out where you should place your lightings

Furniture is not the only piece that makes up a living room area. You should also consider how your lighting is placed as this can also significantly impact how your place looks. 

If your living room area has large windows on them, maximize this so you can get natural light. But if your place is dimly lit, you can put up some overhead lighting, table lamps, and floor lamps. Choose warm yellow light bulbs over warm whites to give off a more natural feeling.


Arranging furniture in your home is more than knowing how to place them in your home. It should also be focused on working around it. The three steps outlined above are how you can start arranging your living area without feeling too overwhelmed about it. Start organizing your space today and make do with the area by maximizing it!