Summer House Interior Design: Styling Your Holiday Home

The holiday season is fast approaching, and if you already have plans to spend some time at your summer home this year, it’s important to think about how you will be decorating it for the holidays.

Your summer house interior design can make all the difference in how festive you feel while spending time there during the winter months. Here are a few tips for making sure that your summer house interior design looks great and feels like home:

1. Add a festive wreath to the front door.

Wreaths are one of the easiest ways to give your summer house interior design that festive look. You can choose a wreath with pinecones, ornaments, and bows for an elegant yet rustic feel; a wreath made out of berries, small twigs, and branches is great if you want something more classic looking; or you could make your custom door decor by painting on the holiday message directly onto the front door.

2. Hang up seasonal decorations, like string lights and paper lanterns.

The right holiday lighting is a great way to give your summer house interior design that extra festive touch. You can hang string lights on the walls or around windows and use paper lanterns as centerpieces for dining tables and coffee tables. Lamps with festive shades are also an easy way to add some light cheeriness to any room of your home during the winter months.

  • Paper Lantern Centerpiece: Hang up seasonal decorations like string lights and paper lanterns
  • Lamp Shade: Lampshades (decorative) in different colors and styles can be used inside lamps to change their appearance completely
  • String Lights: String lights come in all sizes, shapes, types, and forms; they’re incredibly versatile – both indoor and outdoor uses!

3. Paint or wallpaper walls in bright colors to make your house feel more summery.

A coat of fresh paint on the walls inside your summer house interior design can do wonders. You could choose an accent wall to be painted in a bright color, or if you want something more subtle, you might consider painting all the walls one single tone that will make everything look brighter and livelier. 

Wallpaper is another excellent way to add extra cheeriness into any room; it’s easy to install yourself without much hassle, but when removing wallpaper, try not to use water because it makes the paper slimy which can damage surfaces underneath too!

4. Set up an outdoor dining area with patio furniture and lighting.

A cozy outdoor dining area is a great place to enjoy meals and spend time with family. You could set up an outdoor barbeque, buy some patio chairs and table sets for casual dinners, or put your grill on one of the upper decks so you can make use of all that extra space. 

Outdoor string lights are perfect for setting the mood during those long Christmas summer nights; lanterns hung from trees will create intimate spaces to sit back and relax without feeling too exposed to mosquitos!

Final Thoughts

Remember, the most important tip is to have fun while doing it! If you enjoy doing your summer home’s holiday decor for even just one day during wintertime, then all of your efforts will be worth it!