Top Interior Design Trends 2021

Out with the old, in with the new. If you’re looking forward to giving your home a modern-looking facelift, now is the perfect time to do it! Since most of us stay at home for over a year, it’s more than a space for resting; it’s your office space now too! So make it as cozy as you can. With that, here are top interior design trends in 2021 that will give your home an updated look:


Gone are the days wherein you had to put up wallpapers on your walls with decorative designs. Loud and busy patterns are very dated. If you want your place to look modern, the best way to do it is with minimalism. This means you will choose plain neutral walls and pair them with minimal furniture and light fixtures.

This is perfect for you, especially if you like a clean and simple breathing space – something that looks like a blank canvass. Aside from the clean look it brings, this trend also works, most specifically if you’re on a budget. You’re not forced to spend so much on a lot of things for your home – just take what you need and work with it!

Bold colors

If you’re not the type to go for a minimalistic look and you’d want to play with colors, you can try decorating your home with bold colors. This design idea involves accentuating a wall with a different color than the rest. For example, if the walls of your home are cream, devote a specific wall and have it painted in brown or burgundy. The accents should be louder and bolder compared to the other areas of your home.

Aside from painting the walls, you may also accentuate your home with colored furniture. For example, have your lamps or decorative pieces in darker or neon colors! These will surely be an eye-catcher and will make your space less dull.


Do you want something that has a minimalistic and homey feel to it? Then, the rustic theme is the best fit for you. This design idea is perfect, especially if your space is made with wooden pieces rather than concrete. You can use these materials to your advantage by not taking down the wood beam or panel walls.

Buy furniture with earthy colors. Browns, grays, and greens are the perfect colors to incorporate into this theme. You can also build your furniture or decorations, so this is the most suited approach, especially if you’re into DIY projects.


These are the three modern interior design ideas you may want to incorporate into your home. A modern home does not equate to it not being homey all the time. You can include touching DIY pieces if you want to. Take this as a sign to redecorate your home! Make it a great living and working space for every person in your household.