How High Do You Hang a Clock On The Wall?

classic wall clock above tv

There are many different opinions on where to hang your wall clock. Depending on your décor it may look better in different places. This is all well and good if you do not intend to use the clock, but if you do then there is a specific height at which the clock should be hung to be at an optimal height. This can be adjusted over time to suit you, but in the meantime there is a perfect height to hang your wall clock, no matter the room or interior design.

alarm clock next to the bed

The basic idea is that you should hang a clock at a comfortable height for you to view. The main purpose of a clock after all is to tell the time. What is the point of having a clock that is either out of reach or just not practical to look at? This is why the idea is that you should hang your wall clock somewhere around eye level or just above.

The reason that this is the best height to hang your clock is simple, just so often people miss it. If you hang your clock too high then you will be constantly looking up. This will after time have some impact on your neck and back from the strain of simply telling the time in your own home. It may not be apparent immediately, but over the years you will feel it!

Likewise, hanging a clock too low will have the same effect at a different height. In your day to day life you already have to bend over a lot, whether it is at a computer desk or tending to your children. So why add this task to the growing list of things which can impact your posture and comfort? If the clock is hung between chest and eye level, at a height which is practical for all members of the house, bar the kids, then you will have your wall clock at the perfect height!

nordic wall clock above couch

After taking into account practicality, we also must take into account the visual aesthetic of the room you are hanging your clock in, and where the rest of your furniture is positioned. Where would the clock look the best? Is there a piece of wall that is seemingly ‘too’ blank? Think about where the clock would be Feng Shui.