Ideal Way to Hang the Wall Clock

A wall clock is a great addition to any home and can bring about positive energy and prosperity within your home. There are certain do’s and don’t’s that can affect the energy within your home and the placement of the wall clock inside of your home has a greater impact than you would think. We will explore the best way in which you can hang your wall clock and some of the more important points associated with this piece which is both decorative and practical.

Where should wall clocks be placed?

In any room that you choose the clock should be North, East or Northeast facing. It should never, ever be facing South or Southwest as this can bring about bad luck. If one of the preferable directions is not available then West should be used as a last resort.

A wall clock should not hang facing a doorway that is in use, especially your bedroom doorway. The ticking of the clock while facing the doorway symbolises your time ticking away. Life already flies by so do not let it pass you any faster!

Having a ticking clock in the bedroom is also not recommended as it can disrupt your sleep. It is a common misconception that a clock in the bedroom with its rhythmic ticking can help you to drift off. Having a clock in the kitchen or living room where a lot of time is spent is much more suggestible.

The height at which you should hang your clock is another important factor. This is certainly to do with your own comfort. The ideal height at which to hang your clock is generally between eye and chest level. This will stop you from straining to look at the clock, whether it is too high or too low. The incorrect height for your clock can impact you from looking at it regularly. This is why the height is such an imperative aspect.

A clock which has a historical past associated with war, poverty or any bad memories should not be welcomed into your home. The rules of feng shui dictate that this can bring similar negativity into your home, so these clocks should be avoided no matter how you feel about them personally.