Where do you hang a clock in a bedroom?

We all know that the placement of your wall clock can effect the overall feng shui of your home. But if you choose to add a clock to your bedroom where is the best place to hang it? There are several rules to follow for general clock placement, while some adhere specifically to the bedroom.

Any clock in your home should face North, East or Northeast. If either of these are not available to you then the next best thing is to face your clock West. Facing your clock, South, Southeast or Southwest brings bad luck to your home as well as ill health.

Your wall clock should never hang above a doorway that your enter and exit from as it can also bring bad luck. To keep yourself on track with time, make sure that your clock is running on time or even ahead of time, but never behind. Ensure to keep your clock in good condition and always running because when your clock is stopped it can symbolise stagnation in your life. A broken clock must always be repaired quickly.



Having a clock from an era of bad memories, poverty or war then it has no place in your home. It is thought that this can bring similar situations and feelings associated with the clock, and you do not want this negative energy surrounding your household. Any broken or cracked glass should be replaced immediately as well since this can bring about more bad luck.

Now for the bedroom rules, firstly if your clock has reflective glass it is important that you do not allow it to reflect the bed or bedroom door. Having them facing the main door is also a no no as this symbolises that your life is ticking away. Generally as rules of feng shui the ticking of a clock can disrupt your sleep. Opting for a clock that does not incorporate an audible ticking noise will be much better for your bedroom as well as for your nightly slumber.