Standard Dimensions of Wall Clocks

wall clock dimensions - standards

There are plenty of features which dictate how big, or small, the standard wall clock should be. You will find that most clocks fit the size of 15 to 45cm in width. This may seem like a big gap between sizes, but you must consider the size of the hands of the clock on average as this is solely responsible for dictating the final dimensions of the wall clock.

At Tick Tock Clocks, you will find that the average size of our wall clocks is around 30cm in diameter, or around 12 inches.

You need to consider the space that you have for the clock and how it will fit inside of the room you have planned. Do not choose a clock that is too big for the space in which you wish to hang it. Space should be more than four times as high as your prospective clock and 6 times as wide. This gives you the freedom to choose a larger wall clock, as is in fashion currently, or a smaller clock for the area.

The size of the hands will decide how large a clock will be. The average-sized clock hands will allow for a 6 to 18-inch clock face. This is somewhere between 15 and 45cms in diameter. If you find a clock with high torque hands then the area of your clock face could be significantly bigger, between 60 and 90cms. This is quite large and would need a significant amount of wall space to avoid looking goofy.

Oversized clocks are also a point of bad feng shui within your home. It is thought that a clock that is too large will cause your family to feel restless and nervous. Not only may it be unsuitable for the wall on which you would like to hang it, but it can influence your home life.

High torque hands differ from your basic clock hands in a few ways. They are designed for high torque movements, which are heavy-duty and a lot stronger than your average clock hands. In this way, they can support larger pieces.

The diameter differs depending on the shape of your clock as well. Angular clocks, such as square, are becoming more popular in recent years. They are the height of modern style as decorative pieces as well as functional. This will, of course, mean the dimensions are slightly different from your traditional round clocks, but you simply need to allow for this minor change. Triangular and other odd shapes, such as hexagons and octagons, are to be avoided on a feng shui front. It is thought that these shapes for clocks are a symbol that your family is prone to disputes and conflict.

It is for these reasons that you will need to find the correct dimension to suit your room. An average-sized clock is the best bet for finding the perfect fit for your home. It is the average size for a reason, and that is generally down to their popularity and suitability to most walls in the home. Make sure to keep this advice in mind when making the all-important d├ęcor decision.