3 Best Wall Clock Designs You Can Decorate Your Home With

Some people may overlook how getting a wall clock can significantly elevate the look. They don’t mind it so much that they don’t give it much thought. Clocks are supposed to tell time – and that’s it. No other decorative functions, just for telling the time.

This shouldn’t be the case. You should maximize every space in your home, and that includes your walls. So when choosing a wall clock design, you shouldn’t just pick out a generic other. Hanging a stylish clock on a plain wall can do so much. 

This article will help you choose which is the best wall clock design you can use for your home.

1. Vintage Clocks

Vintage clocks are classic pieces that will never go out of style. The older they are, the better they get. You can hang this up even on drywall and it will give off a cool, rustic vibe you won’t get with other clock designs. 

Most vintage wall clocks are either made of steel or wood. The clock is enclosed in a wooden case which gives added character to the whole ensemble. Choose these clocks if you want to add some character to your home!

2. Analog Clock 

Analog clocks may be the most popular on this list. You see them everywhere. These clocks may range from being very simple to decorative pieces. Unlike vintage clocks which are made of wood, analog clocks are usually made from plastic and other lighter materials. You can get them for a very cheap price compared to other wall clocks. However, there is a more high-quality analog clock that is made from steel and other metals.

Whether it be a simple or high-end analog clock, you can choose a solid block of color and hang it on your plain wall. These clocks are perfect if you’re going for a minimalist look!

3. Digital Clocks

Digital clocks may look like they’re just there to tell time. After all, you just have to take a quick glance at it and immediately know what time is it. But digital clocks can add some flare to your home, too! You can get clocks with a LED display for a more modern look. 

Because of their shape, these clocks may not be suited for wall mounting, rather you can place them on elevated countertops. You may choose to deviate from the norm and go with oversized digital clocks! These are perfect for homes with a modern or eccentric design.

Final Thoughts

All three wall clock designs, may it be vintage, analog, or digital, can significantly elevate the look of your home. The design of the clock should, of course, match the room’s theme. 

“Renovating” your home doesn’t mean you have to do drastic measures to change it. It may mean simply changing the designs and look by adding statement pieces – you can start by adding or changing the clocks!

Are you ready to add some life to your home simply by just choosing the best wall clock to go with it? Shop our collection of clocks today!