Are Clocks in Your Home Bad Feng Shui?

wall clock in bedroom feng shui

We all want our home to be comfortable for us, after all it is likely one of the places that you spend most of your time. But how do clocks, especially wall clocks, affect the Feng Shui in your house and what is the best way to counteract bad Feng Shui when you are looking to insert a wall clock into your living spaces? Let’s take a look at how you can avoid this in your home.

Firstly, the definition of Feng Shui is from the Chinese origin, and is the system of laws that are considered to have an impact on the favorable and unfavorable effects of spatial arrangement and orientation within your home. Put simply, Feng Shui is the way in which you place items and décor around your home in order to create a peaceful and pleasing environment around you.

According to the ideology behind Feng Shui, a wall clock is an essential piece of décor that will increase the positive vibes within your home. The combination of the swing of the pendulum and ring of the chimes boosts the air energy that surrounds you in your home. The rhythmic ticking is thought to also make your family life more rhythmic as well.



Hanging a clock in the bedroom is not recommended as the ticking may effect your sleep. The best room to hang your clock would be in the living room, while having it face the window of balcony rather than an interior wall is ideal. The best place to hang the clock is by the door, as in Chinese the word ‘clock’ is homophonic to ‘death’, so it is thought that seeing the clock will conjure thoughts of death and as such increasing bad luck. Hanging the clock at eye level is the perfect height as looking at it you do not need to look up or down.

There are many other rules that are associated with hanging your clock but it is good to note that a wall clock will increase the positive Feng Shui in your home. The shape of your wall clock will also have an impact while the size and number of clocks can also affect the Feng Shui of your home. There are so many aspects to take into account but keeping in mind each will certainly pose positive benefits for you and your family.