Unique Large Wall Clock Decorating Ideas

large wall clocks 1

Massive wall clocks are having a serious moment right now. For good reason too – they immediately grab your attention and seriously tie up an otherwise bland wall. Thanks to this new-found popularity there are heaps of different large wall clocks that range from rustic and charming to modern and industrial. Below are some unique large wall clock decorating ideas to inspire your inner interior designer. 

The Meaningful

This is your home, so adorning your walls with your memories and items that represent you is the first on most peoples lists. Surrounding your large wall clock with meaningful decorations is a great idea if you like reminiscing and nostalgia. You could frame old photographs and style them around the clock or on a mantelpiece, or even swathe the space with your favourite candles and souvenirs. 

The Gardener 

Accentuate your green thumb by adorning your clocks with beautiful greenery and foliage. This will instantly add a jungle-feel to your room. Not only this, embellishing your clock with your favourite plants can serve as a lovely reminder to connect with nature. Depending on your clock placement you can decorate with hanging-baskets, vines, or potted plants. 

The Minimalist

A large wall clock can be a statement piece all on its own. If you’re into the minimalist trend leave your wall bare to highlight your unique timepiece. This is especially handy if you have a busy-looking clock with a lot going on. Adding too much garnish can take away the charm and uniqueness, so leave it to have its moment on its own. 

The Traveler

Showcasing multiple time zones is super simplistic but often overlooked as a design element. Hanging multiple clocks over a large wall representing different time zones from around the world can add an urban feel to your space. This unique style is particularly useful if you have to keep track of multiple time-zones around the world and want a creative way to take away the hassle. 

The Wonderful

Just like the traveller, you can create a gallery of smaller clocks to hang around your main large wall clock. This ultimately turns your wall into an avant-garde feature wall fresh out of the pages of Alice and Wonderland. This style of decorating looks particularly aesthetically in rustic farm-house style buildings. However, with the right tools, you can make it work in any-looking space. 

The Charming


If you’re not a fan of the new-age minimal and pristine styles and more interested in vintage styles, try adding a large Cuckoo Clock to your feature wall. These almost-forgotten pieces will instantly add a rustic charm to any space and will intrigue your guests. There are some extremely intricate Cuckoo Clocks out there, so when you’re filling your wall the crazier the better!