Waking Up Naturally vs Using an Alarm Clock to Wake Up

There are many benefits to waking up naturally as opposed to your alarm. In this day and age, where technology has all but taken over, we have become dependant on your phones and devices. But do you ever wake up tired and stressed? This could be a result of using your alarm rather than waking up how we have for thousands of years. As a race we have not always needed alarm clocks, still being able to wake at the crack of dawn without the use of technology. So what changed? Break the pattern and start your day off in the right way.

Research has found that alarm usage during our morning routines has quite a big impact on our health. If you find you are feeling stressed, anxious or overly tired, your alarm may be the culprit. It can increase blood pressure, heart rate and even have and effect on your mental health. The damage can be devastating and unbearable, but along with some other minor lifestyle changes, it can make a huge difference.

How to wake up without an alarm

Allowing natural light into your bedroom is the first point of call when making this lifestyle change. It may take some time to get used to, but you will feel so much better for it. You will need to start by giving yourself a bedtime and sticking to it. Giving the minimum eight hours, or the preferable ten hours each night will assist you in making this change. Sticking to a schedule will correct your sleeping pattern and allow for a better nights sleep.

There are cases of course where an alarm may be necessary. If you do not have a schedule to keep or work odd hours of the day and night, then it may be impossible to make such a change in your life. You can, of course, change your sleeping pattern and means of waking by installing timer lights in your bedroom and setting them as a kind of silent alarm for yourself. Ensuring again that you get enough sleep will help to adjust to this new form of awakening at any time of the day. Give yourself plenty of rest and set an alarm for yourself just in case. Shift workers will attest to the fact that it can be difficult to wake up when your work hours are forever changing. This is when an alarm clock can come in handy, despite the proven results of recent studies.

There are different lifestyle choices for every person out there. The key is finding what works best for you. To decrease stress levels and heart issues, you can opt to try and schedule your wake up without the help of our alarm. The differences will be apparent within days of your new routine. Get up and at them without jolting awake to a sudden sound early in the morning. No more interrupted sleep. No more tiresome drives to work. Get the most out of your day with natural waking techniques.