What Is The Best Alarm Clock For A 5-Year Old?

There’s no denying that some children are hard to wake up to. But waking up early is pivotal to their growth and discipline. If you want to start training your child to wake up early by themselves, you should definitely invest in a good alarm clock.

However, most alarm clocks that you might be seeing commercially are all for adults. This article talks about the best alarm clock choices you can buy for a 5-year old. Check them out:

1. Teach Me Time! Talking Night Light

Aside from alarm clocks, night lights are also a must for children. So instead of buying two separate devices, you can buy this Teach Me Time! Talking Nightlight instead. It’s an analog clock and has the unique feature of having an integrated educational game with it. It is a dual-color nightlight, yellow in the evening and green in the morning. This way, the kids will know when it’s the best time to get out of bed.

These are perfect for toddlers too since it is a fully functional alarm clock and snooze button. It gives them more independence and control over how they’re going to use it.

2. Good Night Buddy

If you’re looking for an all-in-one sleep solution for your children, the Good Night Buddy clock is best for you! This device serves as a sound machine, room temperature gauge, night light, and a kids training clock. Parents can program bedtime and three nap times so the kids know when they should sleep. It teaches them the independence and discipline of knowing when they should get in and out of bed. 

The temperature gauge sensor is one of its key features. The actual temperature reading is shown on the screen while the display changes in color (red for too hot, blue for too cold). 

3. Heimvision Alarm Wake Up Light

What sets the Heimvision Alarm Wake Up Light is that it’s the most technologically advanced clock for 5-year-olds. One of its key features is that it can be controlled using Amazon Alexa Echo. So you can teach your child to give it commands or you can use your voice to program it.

This also serves as a night light. However, it has a sunrise and sunset simulation. This feature allows the light to dim or gradually light up to mimic that of the sunrise. So if your child has a relatively dark room and only a little bit of sunlight passes through their windows, this is the perfect alarm clock for them! It also comes with 7 natural sounds which you can play to serve as their white noise.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days wherein you buy a traditional alarm clock with a very loud ringing noise for your 5-year old kid. With the advancements in technology available today, it’s all about maximizing the features. Waking up and going to bed are two of the most important life skills your child should learn even at a very young age. The 3 alarm clocks for 5-year olds listed above are three of the best that you can find in the market. Grab one for your child today!