Bedroom Wall Clocks

In the bedroom it is important to be able to easily tell the time. Our phones now act as our alarm clocks as well, and it is unlikely that you will be in your bedroom without this much needed device. But, when you need to tell the time quickly and easily there is sometimes no time to look for your phone and that is where a handy wall clock comes into play. 

It is important to look at the design of your bedroom and find a clock that suits your personal style. Bedroom wall clocks are not very specific and generally it is an anything goes kind of platform. As this is the case, your options are quite literally endless, but there are a few things to take into consideration when purchasing a wall clock for the most important of rooms. 

Bedroom Style

Do you want a modern or classic style? You will already know what kind of look you are going for when you first decorate your bedroom, from the colour of the walls to the materials used for the flooring, everything plays a part in the style for the room. That includes the décor, and more specifically your wall clock. This is the first point of call when looking for the perfect piece to use in the bedroom.

Do you want a softer, round shape, or a more angular design. Although antique clocks generally have a round face, the wood casing will often be quite angular and this is where you need to decide if this shape will fit in with the rest of the décor. If you have already fitted a vast amount of antique furniture then a vintage wall clock should fit right in. For a more rustic design you may want to opt for a round face, without framing, and a sanded wood finish. With black numbers this is the perfect design for a country or rustic style home.

In more modern environments, black and white are the go to colours as these neutrals fit with almost any design and colour scheme. They usually utilise numbers or strikes to signify the numbers that surround the face of the wall clock. They can also be round or any other number of shapes for the face. You could also use printed face clocks, which give you a whole other avenue to explore. You can practically choose any design that you like and can even personalise it to suit the style of your bedroom. 

In short you can choose any wall clock that you like in order to compliment the interior of your bedroom. There are plenty of styles and types of clocks to choose from. The hardest part is narrowing down your options!