Cafe Wall Clocks

Cafe wall clocks are not a specific style of clock that you can pinpoint when investigating for your local business. This is something that has a unique style and can be styled to suit the layout of your cafe. You will need to look into the vibe you are looking to achieve in the space and how the wall clock can compliment the area without drawing too much attention from the main focus of your location, which is of course the food and beverages that you serve.

It can be an eye-catching piece and serve as both practical and decorative. It is used so patrons can easily see the time and keep to their schedules while also creating a significant feel for the atmosphere. This is why it is such a versatile piece and needs to be chosen with great care. A huge statement piece can make or break the décor. Think about whether you want the clock to act as a statement piece in your cafe, or whether you want it to blend in with the rest of the decor.

Interior design of your cafe

If you are choosing a rustic, traditional feel for your interior design, then this should be reflected in the type of wall clock that you choose. You can use a clock with a traditional round face and perhaps even roman numerals in black on a wooden face. The sanded wood will make for a rustic design and capture the essence of what you are going for in your cafe. There are even print design wall clocks which can boast a unique and similar theme as the wooden styles without the heaviness that comes with them. It can give the impression of a classic style and on the cheaper side as well. 

On the other hand, a more modern style could be what you are looking for should you want a sleek design within your cafe space. There are many options and you should always look into the colour theme of your main dining area before choosing a piece to hang on the walls. If you are going with a black and white theme, you can brighten the area with a very modern gold or silver framed clock to bring out the character of the room. A minimalist theme is also quite popular in this day and age so this may be a good choice for you as well. 

There are many quirky designs for wall clocks flooding the market as they make a significant comeback in the interior design world. You can find a range of interesting and eye-catching pieces online and this is perhaps the best place to begin your search when it comes to wall clocks for your cafe.