Classic Style Clocks

There are so many different types of wall clocks, but nothing can surpass the traditional style of the classic wall clock. You may be thinking what can classify as the classic style wall clock, but it is true that there are so many differences when it comes to this type of clock in your home. The first thing that you should look at is the interior design of your home. Once you decide on the design of your wall clock you can begin to search for the perfect one to suit your living space.

The classic style

The classic wall clock is generally much cheaper than your more unique styles of wall clock. They are very plentiful and can generally be found in any homewares store or even departments stores. You can look for more specific classic wall clocks online and you will be able to find them in most colours although they are generally displayed in blacks, whites and other neutral colours. Some of the classic wall clocks that look more traditional will have a black frame around the outside of the face. 

The numbers can differ in many ways. Some of the more traditional styles will use simple roman numerals. For a more modern design you will find that the classic wall clock can sport numbers or even strikes to symbolise each number on the face of the clock. It will depend on the overall design of your wall clock.

The classic wall clock will generally be of a round shaped face. It is not likely to be any other shape as this would signify a modern style wall clock. From the antique styles to the plainer, classic wall clocks, the round shaped face is a signature feature of this type of clock. 

Traditional styles can often be found in antique stores too. The antique clocks are of a more olden style and would suit homes that have a classic interior and many antique pieces. They will likely have a round shaped face as well. Roman numerals are common in the antique style clocks and they can range from cuckoo clocks to pendulum clocks. They have wooden casing in most cases and with some sort of darker polish. You should ensure that the wooden casing matches the other furniture in your home. It does not need to match completely but needs to compliment the other pieces in your home. 

Functional and versatile

If you want something that is functional and versatile then the classic wall clock may just be the perfect clock for your living area. The black or white designs are suitable for most style rooms and can be the best choice when it comes to decorating your new space.