Country Style Wall Clocks

The country style theme is perfect for cabins and holiday homes, or even your everyday home if this is a design that you truly enjoy. The country style is very diverse and can range from the older, classic style to the more modern take on country elegance. 

The country style embodies the design of older country homes, such as farmhouses and country cottages. This is mostly consisting of wooden floors, rustic furniture and an older style décor with natural elements shining through. Country style furniture normally consists of antique style or older polish furniture which compliments the wooden floorboards below. They would also generally display vintage curtains, with lace, plaid or floral material incorporated. Fresh flowers and rustic pots and old style, vintage kitchen décor is also a feature. Basically, any natural elements are a key to the perfect country style room in which the clock should reflect. Most of the décor has some natural materials such as wood or wood-like features. They can also exhibit black powder coated metals, or even iron casting. These are all features of country style décor and elements that are often seen in country style clocks.

Country-style wall clock design

There are two main designs for country style clocks. The first is of course the rustic, wood style. This can be a finer detail of the clock face or it can be a feature of the entire clock. The face can be wooden, or a wood-like material, which is often sanded back and left unpolished. This accompanies the country style of the room and is perfect for a rustic addition to your living area. The wood can also be painted and sanded back or even mixed and matched, with different colours and wood styles. The numbers are generally painted on in black, and in roman numerals for a more old style feel. It can also be surrounded by an iron frame and is often made in the traditional circular shape. The hands would of course often be cast from iron.

The other option is of course the cast iron wall clock. This is another traditional style and is perfect for the country style theme. It can be a solid piece which makes up the entirety of the clock face, or it could be just the frame which is accompanied by adjoining numbers. The clock hands would also be formed from the same materials. This can be a great statement piece for a country style home and is perfect for any room, including the bedroom of your home. The country style wall clocks are often larger pieces and can draw the focus in any room. They are not only decorative but also practical. This is why they are such a sought after piece in any country style abode.