Wall Clocks for the Office

The office wall clock is a much more simple style and very plain when you are looking at the various styles of wall clocks that you can find on the market. The office clock is meant to be practical and functional rather than decorative like a wall clock that you would find in your home. All office environments are similar and are quite versatile so many of the office style wall clocks will be suitable for any office. They will generally be of a neutral colouring and this is why most office clocks are black and white. 

The colour scheme of office style wall clocks are very straightforward. You would be looking at either black or white for the face and the opposite for the numerals. They can be placed in a quirky fashion around the face or in a traditional style. It can give a little different and fun feel to the décor of the office. Many of the more modern office clocks are digital as these can often be easier and quicker to read in such a busy environment. 


Digital wall clocks for the office

If you go with a digital wall clock, it may need to be quite large if it is to be seen by most of the people in the office. It needs to be visible from far away. This is why digital clocks specifically for the office will be a lot larger and the numbers more distinct. For round, traditional wall clocks it is generally the case that the numbers that surround the face are large or just the 3, 6, 9 and 12 are clearly displayed for quick and easy reading. The hands will contrast greatly so that they can also be seen from a distance. 


International time zones

For offices that work with international time zones, you may see several of the same wall clock with labelling beneath so that you can see which timezone is associated with each time. This can really help international businesses, to make work more productive and ensuring that staff contact different clients respectively in regards to their timezone. This opens up a clearer communication platform. You will get better results in the long run should you utilise this wall clock in the office.

You can use smaller wall clocks in each cubicle should this be the layout of your office so that each employee has access to their own wall clock for quick and easy time telling. You can use the same clock in each cubicle to have uniformity within the office and for this style it should be easy to purchase a number of clocks so that you have enough to fill the office. Otherwise you can simply include one wall clock which is larger in a place where it is visible to all.