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With fanciful designs covering a wide variety of categories, you’re sure to find that interesting, quirky style that will perfectly complement your creative space. Think nautical designs, elegant line work, even luxury peacock patterns, and find the style that will complete your home or office’s design.

We proudly work as the United States first choice online timekeeping store. As a result, we have a fantastic selection of quirky pieces from designers the world-over. If you’re looking for bold and unique ornaments from Italy, the United States and China, we’ve got exactly what you need.

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Commited to keeping your style quirky

As an interior designs business with a commitment to quality timekeeping products, we noticed the industry problem that companies were selling the same styles for outrageous markup prices. Thus, we decided to step in and curate a beautiful collection but making them available for outstanding prices.

The result? We are one of the cheapest distributors of beautiful and fantastical timekeeping ornaments. We are able to do this by simply cutting out the middleman, distributing our designs to home and business owners direct from our factory to their location. We don’t think you should have to pay outrageous prices for beautiful home and business ornaments, and we proudly make our selection highly affordable for you to benefit from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my clock come with batteries?

No. None of our clocks come with batteries. You will find the type of batteries required for your clock in the description on the clock’s page.

What are the dimensions of my clock?

The dimensions of our clocks differ. You can find the specific dimensions in the description on the clock’s page. You will find that a high percentage of our range are generally in the standard range of 30cm x 30cm but we do have clocks that are bigger, and some that are smaller.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is absolutely free for those living in the United States and Australia! For other countries around the world, enter your shipping address at Checkout and refresh the Shipping fee calculator to find out the exact amount.

What does factory direct mean?

Factory direct means that we work with a huge range of suppliers and manufacturers, to ship the products straight from the factory to you. This has both it’s pros and it’s cons. The main pro is that it cuts all of the middle men out of the picture, saving you a ton of money on cutting out margins. The cons are that shipping will take longer than a lot of other online based clock retailers, and we do not see the clock before it is sent to you. However, we have implemented a range of safeguards and practices which you can read more about here.

Do you accept returns?

Yes! We have a Returns Policy in place for those of you who would like to return your clock for one reason or another. You can read more about the guidelines and criteria here.

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Feel free to peruse our unique designs selection, finding the style that works best for your grand designs. Our products are perfect for homeowners looking for stylish timekeeping at warehouse prices, as well as for interior designers looking for bulk pieces.

If you have any questions regarding our collection, simply send us an enquiry message and we will get back to you with all the information you require regarding our whimsical collection of timepieces of the world’s top designs.