Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

Whether you live in a small apartment or just want to create the illusion of space, there are many creative ways to decorate your living room. The key is knowing how much space you have and what will fit in it! If you only have one room for everything (living room, dining area, kitchen), make sure that all pieces work together and flow nicely with each other.

Using these ideas and tips when planning your living room design can be easier than ever to transform a small space into something beautiful!

1. Add a rug to give the room more warmth.

A great way to make a small living room feel more welcoming is by adding an area rug. Not only will it bring color and warmth to the space, but it can also help define different areas within the same room (i.e., creating separate “rooms” for your dining table or couch).

Make sure that you find one with colors that compliment everything else in the space! For example, choosing neutral-colored rugs allows you to change up your decor without purchasing new rugs all of the time. 

Also, be mindful of how much light comes into the room when selecting which size would work best for you. If there’s too little natural lighting, choose something smaller not to darken up any other surfaces either.

2. Use furniture that can double as storage.

Furniture is one of the most important aspects of any living room design, so it makes sense to ensure that you get your pieces right! If you want to save space and not have too many bulky items taking up floor space, opt for furniture like ottomans with trays on top (for snacks or drinks during movie night), coffee tables with storage underneath, etc.

This way, they double as both functional and stylish pieces in your decor collection. Be creative when choosing which spaces would work best for each piece; there’s no reason why everything has to look uniform throughout the entire area! For example, if you’re using a small couch/ottoman combination instead of having separate seating areas within

3. Hang pictures and art on the walls to make the space feel more personal.

As soon as you walk into any room, the first things that catch your eye are usually art and pictures hanging on the walls. This is why it’s important to make sure that they’re hung in a way where there aren’t too many pieces competing against each other while also not making them too cluttered either!

If using one large piece of artwork, hang it right above or at least near a couch area so people can see it when sitting down (or standing up if needed). If you have multiple smaller prints/pictures, try grouping them throughout different living spaces for an interesting look without distracting from everything else.

Final Thoughts

No matter the size of your apartment, living room, or otherwise, it’s always important to have a space that feels warm and welcoming. This is where these small but smart ideas can come in handy for any design! Keep practicing new ways to bring together all kinds of decor pieces, so you get the most out of every inch within your home.