Where Should A Clock Be Placed In The Living Room?

So, you’ve found your ideal clock for your living room – but can’t figure out where to put it? Before settling on a home for your dream clock, you should assess the function and style of it. Is it large, small, retro, modern? Does it have a frame? Or is it a standing grandfather clock? Either way, the living room is where the occupants of the house are likely to spend most of their time. Therefore it’s one of the most convenient places to display your beautiful clock. Here are some ideas on where to place your clock in the living room. 

Above The Sofa 

The space above your sofa is usually a prime area to hang your dream clock. If your clock is oversized and stylish, it’s best to display it above that gorgeous sofa you’ve picked out. One of the benefits of keeping the clock above your sofa rather than in front of it is that you won’t be constantly focussed on time. The living room is designed to be a space where you can destress and put your feet up, not worrying about the constraints of time. Displaying your clock this way ties up the room without affecting the overall tone of it. 

On Its Own Bare Wall 

Most clocks on the market these days are extraordinarily grand. Thus, they need their own space for others to bask in their marvel. Instead of freeing up space on an already busy wall, try displaying the unique clock on its own bare wall. Additionally, this will give your living room a trendy, minimalist feel without sacrificing any style.

On The Mantelpiece 

Creating a comfortable living room means you should pay particular attention to your mantelpiece. Mantels are usually the go-to for placing a clock, and a simple way to spruce up your living room. Whether it’s a stunning, head-turning clock or a simpler one, using the mantel as a focal point draws the eye upwards and breaking up the room. This is especially true if you’ve invested in a stylish standing clock as the height of the mantel is ideal for displaying it in a functional and sophisticated way. 

Above The Fireplace

If you don’t have a mantel, setting your clock above the fireplace is a great way to fill the otherwise empty space where a mantel would usually be. This space is particularly great if you have an eye-catching, oversized clock. Small clocks can get drowned out when contrasted with an epic fireplace. Therefore a larger clock will balance out the room a little better.