Perfect Clocks for Your Beach House

beach house - clock styling

There is a certain style that goes along with your coastal holiday home. Many beach houses have either a Hampton’s stye or nautical theme running throughout. No matter what style you are trying to achieve there is a wall clock out there for you! Here we will look at some of your options out there and what would team best with the themes put forth for the common décor of the beach house. Each is generally unique in its own way, but there are some pieces that are versatile and suit most beach homes.

A clock is an excellent addition to any home, even in your beach house. It helps to keep the time, even though when you are in holiday mode this does not seem quite so important. Still, a wall clock does not just make a practical and eye catching decorative piece but also something that can really bring a room together and give it that comforting feel.

Sleek & Modern Hampton Style

In a Hampton’s style home you will be looking for a wall clock that is sleek and modern. Generally, this style of beach house exhibits neutral tones and so the clock that you choose must compliment this. It is also built on classic taste. Something simple yet appealing is what you want to go for. Perhaps an angular clock, in a square or rectangular shape with minimal patterns or colours. Greys and pale blues are perfect colour palettes for this home décor.

Classic Nautical Style

Another popular choice for a beach home is the nautical style. It is mostly built upon the colours of sandy yellows and bright blues along with white in between. This can be transferred into the style of clock that you wish to purchase too! Clocks that are round are perfect for this style as it is a classic shape to go with the classic beach house look. Furthermore, anything that looks rustic, for example clocks that are in the likeness of drift wood or distressed wood, are optimal for this style of beach house. These can be found online or even at your local shopping centre as it seems to be a style that never goes out of fashion. Even today the classic nautical beach house look is finding its way back into modern day décor, and so pieces that suit this theme are easy to find!