Should You Hang a Clock Above the TV?

TV - clock above TV

There are many pros and cons associated with having a clock above the TV area in your home. Some people like the idea of keeping the time, even when they are trying to relax, while others find the idea to not be a good fit for them and their family.

Keeping the time in handy view while you watch TV

Having a clock above the TV can help you keep track of when your favorite TV shows are on. You can set the clock to the time that the show is on, and then you’ll know exactly when to start watching. This can be especially helpful if you have a lot of shows that you want to watch, but you don’t always have time to watch them all. With a clock above the TV, you can easily see when each show is on and plan your viewing accordingly. Plus, it’s just handy to have a clock in general! Whether you’re trying to keep track of time or just want a quick reference for what time it is, a clock above the TV can be a great addition to your home.

Choose a clock that compliments the design of your TV cabinet

Wall clocks come in all shapes and sizes, but finding one that complements the design of your TV cabinet can be a challenge. If you have a modern TV cabinet, you may want to consider a clock with a sleek, minimalist design. However, if your TV cabinet is more traditional in style, you may want to choose a clock with more ornate details. Paying attention to the overall style of your furniture can help you find a clock that fits in seamlessly with the rest of your décor. With a little bit of searching, you’re sure to find a wall clock that’s the perfect finishing touch for your home.

It should be noted that if your television takes up a lot of wall space then you may wish to forgo the wall clock in this location. It can still be hung in other areas, but not above the TV.

Feng Shui

For good feng shui, you should not hang the wall clock facing a doorway. If your TV directly faces a door then this is not the ideal place to hang a clock in the layout of the room. Choose a wall that is not facing the door and utilize this space instead. There are endless possibilities, but if the clock is not the right fit then it may be best to leave the area blank for the sake of your décor.

In plain sight for teaching your kids how to read the time

A clock on the wall can be a great opportunity for teaching your kids the time. There are many different ways to teach your kids the time, and a clock on the wall can be a great way to help them learn. You can use a clock to teach your kids how to tell time, or you can use it to teach them about the different parts of the day. You can also use a clock to teach them about seasons, days of the week, and months of the year. A clock on the wall can be a great way to help your kids learn about the world around them, and it can be a great way to help them keep track of the time.

So should you hang a clock above the TV?

There is no right or wrong way to decorate your home. There are many arguments for and against a clock in this area of the house, and the choice is down to you and your needs in this regard. It is not necessarily wrong to have a clock positioned above the TV, but you may want to consider the design of the rest of your room and the functionality of a wall clock in this location. There are benefits to placing a wall clock in this space, as you are often situated facing it. This makes it easy to use, so much so you may not even notice it after a while. So, what choice will you make? A clock, or not a clock? That is the question!