Where to Hang a Clock in the Kitchen

It is important to have a clock in the kitchen. There are so many reasons to have a timekeeper in your kitchen, it assists with tracking the hours on busy mornings as well as the precious minutes while you cook. But is there a perfect place to hang your clock in the kitchen? If you are big on feng shui, then there is a right way and a wrong way to hang your kitchen wall clock. Below we will outline the right, and wrong, ways to hang your kitchen clock, as well as the benefits of each tip and trick. 

The significance of feng shui in regards to your wall clock is that the ring and tick of your clocks can have a great impact on the air and energy within your home. A positive placement can influence your home life while the rhythmic ticking can, in turn, make your family life more regular and rhythmic. A clock with a pendulum is even better if it is something that will compliment your interior design.  

The bedroom is not the ideal place to hang your wall clock. Although the clock is seen to drive away evil spirits, the ticking of the clock can also disrupt sleep. It is better to house your clock in a living area, such as the living room or kitchen. 

There are also rules as to how you should place the clock within your home. If your kitchen has a window or balcony then the clock should face this direction. This is thought to assist with airflow in your home. As well as this, the clock should not be placed in a position where it is directly visible when you enter the room. The word ‘clock’ in Chinese means ‘death’ and so it is thought that when you walk into the room death does not come to mind.  

The height at which you hang the clock should be in line with your eyesight so that you do not have to strain to see the time. This should go without saying, but having the clock too high r too low can cause issues for you in the long run.  

The best shape of your clock would be square, as this symbolises peace inside. This is contrary to any clock you would want in the office, which would preferably be circular to symbolise profits flowing in from all sides. Any other angular shape will be a symbol of your families disputes and conflicts.

There is virtually no limit to the place in which you hang your clock in the kitchen area. Such rules as not hanging the clock above the bed or couch are limiting in other rooms of the house, but the kitchen follows the basic rules of feng shui in regards to clocks. This gives you almost free range in this living space and the freedom to hang the clock easily in a way which not cause negative energy within your home.